Bracknell Conservation Volunteers

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Completed Tasks

A record of tasks completed.

Date Site Task
Jan 7 Garth Meadows Clearing Blackthorn
14 Wykery Copse Removal of old Boardwalk, Hazel Coppicing and Hazel Screening
21 Ambarrow Court Bramble Clearance and building Stag Beetle Loggery.
28 The Chestnuts Bramble Clearance and Coppicing
Feb 4 Englemere Pond Heathland Clearance
11 Farley Copse Holly thinning
18 Nightingale Triangle Bramble Clearance
25 Wildmoor Heath Heathland Clearance
Mar 3 Peacock Meadow - West Garden Copse & Sub-group in Tarmans Copse Hazel Coppicing plus Chestnut fencing construction
10 Nine Mile Ride - Madingley Rhododendron Clearance
Mar 17-31 3 weeks cancelled - COVID lockdown
Apr All 4 weeks cancelled - COVID lockdown
May All 4 weeks cancelled - COVID lockdown
Jun 2-9 2 weeks cancelled - COVID lockdown
16 South Hill Park Renovating the amphitheatre
23 South Hill Park Renovating the amphitheatre & Weeding/Mulching
30 South Hill Park Renovating the amphitheatre & Weeding/Mulching
Jul 7 South Hill Park /Horseshoe Lake SHP-Weeding/Mulching;HL-Removal of Himalayan Balsam
14 South Hill Park /Tarmans Copse SHP-Weeding/Mulching;TC-Fence/Sign install and dead hedging
21 Northerams Wood Repair Pond Lining. Remove fencing. Thin Sapling regrowth.
28 Horseshoe Lake Removal of Himalayan Balsam
Aug 4 Peacock Meadows South Ragwort Pulling
11 Peacock Meadows North & South Ragwort Pulling/Bin & Sign Installation/Fencing Beehives.
18 Frost Folly / Warfield FP7 Reedmace Clearance / Replacement Gates
25 Englemere Pond Heathland Scrub Clearance
Sep 1 Cabbage Hill Reposition Gate & Bench, Install sign, Bracken clearance + AGM
8 Frost Folly Reedmace Clearance & Fencing
15 Evenlode Way / Snaprails Park / Horseshoe Lake EW-Weeding/Mulching; SP-Cycle track tidy; Horseshoe Lake-Balsam pulling
22 Englemere Pond Reed cutting & scrub bashing
29 Wykery Copse Coppicing
Oct 6 Savernake Park Coppicing and hurdle making/ and plant bed edging
13 Newt Reserve / Garth Meadows Vegetation Management
20 Westmorland Park Bug hotel/ Composter build/ Vegetation clearance
27 School Hill Step Replacement and Laurel Clearance
Nov 3 Wildmoor Heath Scrub clearance
10 Wykery Copse Coppicing (Fewer volunteers - LOCKDOWN 2.0)
17 Whitegrove Copse Bramble pulling (Fewer volunteers - LOCKDOWN 2.0)
24 Newt Reserve / Garth Meadows Vegetation Management (Fewer volunteers - LOCKDOWN 2.0)
Dec 1 Farley Wood Centre Hedge Planting (Fewer volunteers - LOCKDOWN 2.0)
8 Wildmoor Heath Scrub clearance
15 Farningham Ride Boundary & black cherry Clearance
22-29 Tasks cancelled - COVID lockdown