Bracknell Conservation Volunteers

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Task List

This is the current task list. The names of the BFBC Countryside Ranger and the BCV Task leaders are appended to the task description.

The record of tasks previously completed can be found in the tasks archive.


Date Site Task
Dec 1 Farley Wood Centre Hedge Planting
8 Wildmoor Heath (meet in main car park) Scrub clearance (Alex/Jon)
15 Farningham Ride Boundary & black cherry Clearance (Steph/Helen)
22 Lily Hill Park CANCELLED Stag Beetle loggery at side of Wildflower Meadow (Kath/Richard)
29 - No Task - Christmas Break
2021 - What we might have done!
Date Site Task
Jan 5 South Hill park Remove plants from a large bed in the car park and tidy behind the west gate entrance.(Kath/?)
12 Wildmoor Heath- Meet in main car park Scrub bashing.(Alex/?)
19 ? ?(Steph/?)
26 Tinkers copse Brash bundles, bean poles, hazel layering and stag beetle loggeries.(Luke/?)
Feb 2 Nightingale Crescent ?
9 ? ? (Alison/?)
16 Whitegrove Copse Bramble pulling.(Charlie/?)
23 Wildmoor Heath- Meet in main car park Scrub bashing.(Alex/?)
Mar 2 Lily Hill Park- Meet in car park next to Running Horse Re-install dams in the ditch and tidy behind the estate rail near the Running Horse entrance.(Kath/?)
9 ? ? (Steph/?)
16 Long Copse, Cabbage Hill- Meet at Jocks Lane Self-seeded poplar clearance, potential to create pea shoot wig wams.(Luke/?)
23 ? ? (Alison/?)
30 ? ? (Kath/?)
Apr 6 Westmorland Park Knee rail removal and fencing work.(Charlie/?)
13 Evenlode / Snaprails- Meet at Evenlode Park Bank Clearance and Cycle Track Maintenance.(Alex/?)
20 ? ? (Steph/?)
27 ? ? (Kath/?)
May 4 ? ?
11 Popes Meadow Ramp construction; Mulching oak trees, Furniture wood treatment.(Luke/?)
18 ? ? (Alison/?)
25 Warfield Chase Orchard work.(Charlie/?)
Jun 1 ? ? (Kath/?)
8 ? Ragwort Pulling.(Alex/?)
15 ? ? (Steph/?)
22 ? ?
29 Cabbage Hill Bracken clearance and path edge removal.(Luke/?)