Bracknell Conservation Volunteers

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Task List

This is the current task list. The names of the BFBC Countryside Ranger and the BCV Task leaders are appended to the task description.

The record of tasks previously completed can be found in the tasks archive.

Date Site Task
Jun 6 Ambarrow Court Ditch digging/footpath cut-backs (Alex S/Helen)
13 Lily Hill Park Mulching in the Orchard + AGM (Kath/Richard)
20 Peacock Meadows Knee Rail Repair and Ragwort pull (Alex V/Jon)
27 Long Hill Park Replace steps (Steph/Richard)
Jul 4 South Hill Park Repair Amphitheatre, Remulch South Lawn Oak & Weed CP + AGM-2 (Kath/Jon)
11 Cabbage Hill Ragwort Pull (Oscar/Helen)
18 Bucklers Forest Bracken Bruising (Joe/Jon)
25 Larks Hill Installing Entrance Gate Posts and signs (maybe) (Andy/Richard)
Aug 1 Lily Hill Park Repair Amphitheatre, Bramble/Rhodi/Holly clearance (Kath/Helen)
8 Whitegrove Copse Dead Hedging (Charlie/Richard)
15 Horseshoe Lake Bank erosions spiling and in-filling (Alex S/Helen)
22 Big Wood Tree Guard removal (Alex V/Jon)
29 Englemere Pond TASK CHANGE :Remove Birch and Pine saplings to promote Heather growth (Steph/Richard)
Sep 5 Lily Hill Park
meet at the Running Horse Car Park
Scrub Clearance (Kath/Jon)
12 Bucklers Forest Tree Guard removal (Joe/Helen)
19 Popes Meadow Coppicing and Holly Removal (Oscar/Jon)
26 The Cut opposite Garth Meadows River restoration work, woodland tidy/dead hedging (Andy/Richard)
Oct 3 Lily Hill Park Planting Wildflowers (Clare/Hugh)
10 Westmorland Park TASK CHANGE : Coppicing and Brash Bundle Creation (Charlie/Helen)
17 Wildmoor Heath Scrub Clearance (Alex S/Jon)
24 Bill Hill Rhododendron and Holly clearance (Alex V/Richard)
31 Englemere Pond Scrub clearance on heath, dead hedging (Steph/Helen)
Nov 7 South Hill Park Cleanup around the Car Park (Clare/Jon)
14 SITE CHANGE:Temple Copse Coppicing and Holly Removal (Oscar/Hugh)
21 Piggy Wood Wet woodland restoration clearing and damming (Andy/Richard)
28 Bucklers Forest Rhododendron clearance (Joe/Jon)
Dec 5 Lily Hill Park Tidying the North Car Park and other misc. tasks (Kath/Hugh)
12 Westmorland Park Coppicing (Charlie/Richard)
19 Wildmoor Heath Scrub Clearance followed later by Christmas Dinner (Alex S/Helen)