Bracknell Conservation Volunteers

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Newsletters and AGM Minutes

The first newsletters were issued in 2016 and the issues from previous years together with minutes from previous AGMs can be found in the News Archive

Here are the Minutes from the most recent AGM 2023 part 1 and 2023 part 2

The Newsletters issued during the past year are available below.

No. 193 (18th Apr) No. 194 (9th May) No. 195 (23rd May) No. 196 (14th Jun) No. 197 (7th Jul)
No. 188 (11th Jan) No. 189 (8th Feb) No. 190 (7th Mar) No. 191 (21st Mar) No. 192 (4th Apr)
No. 185 (30th Nov) No. 186 (14th Dec) No. 187 (21st Dec)
No. 180 (7th Sep) No. 181 (21st Sep) No. 182 (5th Oct) No. 183 (26th Oct) No. 184 (16th Nov)
No. 175 (15th Jun) No. 176 (29th Jun) No. 177 (13th Jul) No. 178 (27th Jul) No. 179 (10th Aug)
No. 170 (23rd Mar) No. 171 (6th Apr) No. 172 (20th Apr) No. 173 (4th May) No. 174 (18th May)
No. 165 (13th Jan) No. 166 (26th Jan) No. 167 (9th Feb) No. 168 (23rd Feb) No. 169 (9th Mar)