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Requirements for collection and administration of personal data have changed, under the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force on 25 May 2018.

This privacy policy covers the group of volunteers carrying out conservation tasks in the Bracknell Forest Council area, known as Bracknell Conservation Volunteers. This group is referred to below as “BCV”.

 BCV takes its responsibility for personal data collected from volunteers very seriously.

What kinds of data do we collect

We collect personal information to allow us to communicate with our volunteers for lawful purposes. The data we collect consists of contact details, i.e. name and e-mail address.

In addition, photographs may be taken of volunteers working on-site: these may be identifiable as individuals, and therefore constitute personal data.

How we use your personal data

BCV uses personal data as follows:

  • Contact details of volunteers are used to plan and coordinate Tuesday task sessions
  • Contact details for volunteers, Bracknell Forest Council (BFC) rangers and members of related organisations are used to distribute the BCV Newsletter
  • Contact details for volunteers are used to inform volunteers of certain events and items of interest
  • Photographs may be posted on the BCV website or may be published in the Newsletter.
Disclosure of your personal data

BCV does not disclose personal data to any third party without the consent of the volunteer concerned, except:

  • BCV is required to do so by operation of law
  • in a medical emergency, data on volunteers may be disclosed to BFC rangers, other volunteers or emergency services
Security of your personal data

Personal data are held either in paper form or in electronic form (Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, posted on website, photographic images). Access to data is restricted to officers of BCV who need access for communication purposes. Electronic records are secured using technical and organisational precautions.

Your rights

Under the GDPR, volunteers have rights:

  • the right to be informed about what data is held
  • the right of access to personal data
  • the right to rectification (the right to correct errors in personal data)
  • the right to erasure (the right to delete personal data)
  • the right to data portability (the right to obtain data in electronic form)
  • the right to object

To make use of any of these rights, please contact Jon Munday, Data Controller for BCV, at

Please note that requests must be made in writing, and that BCV is required to respond within 1 month of receiving the request. Please note also that BCV is entitled to extend this period to 2 months if requests involve a large amount of work.


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