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Current Task List : Summer/Autumn 2019

If you would like to join us on a Tuesday task, please contact us first to check the schedule
and for directions to the site. On-site mobile phone: 07986 707 448

2019   SITE TASK (Ranger/Task Leader) 
Aug 6 Westmorland Park Bramble clearance, vegetation control. Cutting and raking wildflower bank & loggery installation (Alex & Alan/???)
  13 Lily Hill Park (Meet at Car Park next to Running Horse as is nearest to Starch Copse) Install roof of Equipment Port & Bramble clearance in Starch Copse (Jimi + Alan or Alex /Jon)
  20 Site Change - Newt Reserve Reed and Bramble Clearance (Charlie/Richard & Helen)
  27 Cabbage Hill meet at Jocks Lane Car Park Bracken clearing in Long Copse (Luke/Graham)
Sep 3 Lily Hill Park (Meet at Car Park next to Running Horse ) Bramble clearance in Starch Copse (???/Richard)
  10 Wildmoor Heath Heathland Clearance (Alex/Jon&Helen)
  17 Wildmoor Heath Heathland Clearance (???/Jon)
  24 Wykery Copse Woven Hazel Fencing & Boardwalk removal (Marie-Anne/???)
Oct 1 Westmorland Park - Hayley Woods Pond digging & Vegetation Clearance(Alex/???)
  8 Westmorland Park Hazel Coppicing (Charlie/???)
  15 Englemere Pond Wetland management (Rob/???)
  22 The Parks Tree Guard removal (Luke/???)
  29 Caesar's Camp ??? (???/???)
Nov 5 Wildmoor Heath Heathland Clearance (???/???)
  12 Garth Meadows (meet Larks Hill Car Park) Veg. clearance, Pond digging & Tree planting (Ali/???)
  19 Bill Hill Holly thinning(Marie-Anne/???)
  26 Garth Meadows Vegetation Clearance(Alex/???)
Dec 3 The Parks Tree Guard removal (Luke/???)
  10 Osman's Close Woodland thinning & Hazel Planting(Rob/???)
  17 Edmunds Green & Lane Hazel Coppicing (Charlie/???)

on-site mobile phone: 07986 707 448

programme enquiries telephone Trevor Scott on 01344 628 602
or email: